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Now let me tell you about this one band that changed popular culture - the sex pistols changed the norm for youth in the UK and shock up fashion. We pay homage to this by bringing you the ST JIMMI. Shorter in length than the normal apron, it sits just past the waist line and has two large pockets for all your stuff. Of course it would'nt be St Jimmi if we didn't use quality ripped denim along the edges of the apron and pockets. Each St Jimmy is designed to fray along the edges making it unique to each of its owner and an individual piece. Two brass studs hold the cotton strapping in place with criss cross positioning of straps at the back. Colours: sky blue and black. Care: we prefer you don't clean it and leave it original to age, however if you have to, then cold  machine wash and air dry. Do not tumble dry or dry clean


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